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The Artisan Movement

Core Motivation [WHY]

Joining God in the Renewal of All Things.

Mission [HOW]

People inspired and transformed by the story of Jesus, reimagining their lives as his followers, and participating as 'co-artisans' in God's movement of renewing all things.

Strategy [WHAT]

Reproducing incarnational neighborhood parishes that focus on discipleship through covenant community.

Shared Values as Directions

rooted in the historic Christian faith, we are a people grounded in the story of the living God as found in the Bible.

called to all things being made new, we are 'works in progress', a people of struggle and hope.

invited past status and surface, we are a people who increasingly find our identity in God's story and as a result become storytellers of this renewing grace in our lives.

committed to loving one another, we are a collaborative people in life and mission.

sent beyond ourselves, we are a counter-cuture for the common good of our city, demonstrating tangible love.

summoned to know and enjoy the Living God, we are a worshipping people who gather as a community and grow in personal devotion.

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Artisan is a church in and for the city of Vancouver. Our core motivation is to be a movement that joins God in the renewal of all things. Sunday gatherings info here.

Artisan Church Office
101-2468 Scotia St
Vancouver BC V5T 0C3